Music Video’s

I’ve Directed, Shot and Edited a lot of Music Video’s.

The nature of the music industry bands change lineups or get signed and want old content taken down. A lot of stuff is now just buried in my hard drives but I do have a couple still up you can view here.

Matt Hanaphy – Whisper

– Director, Editor,  Producer,  Second Shooter –

I began writing this in vancouver while I was travelling in 2016, listening to the song over and over again it gave me a very nostalgic feeling and stood out amongst the rest of the album as the single I wanted to undertake. Shot over 3 days in Dublin with the amazing Tom Lee, it tells a tale of an old couple reflecting on their past together and appreciating the small things in life.


Cancer Bats – HeadWound


My good friend JG got asked to Collaborate with Cancer Bats and create a music video to come out with their latest album launch. A series of videos were commissioned timing didn’t align for me to shoot this but it did for him to drop over with the footage for a few hours and we created this cut. He’s pretty insane, just strapped a drone to a milk crate on a car and sent it:


Eoin Boyle –  Skybirds

– Camera , Producer –

I shot this while travelling in May 2016 and Sean Clarke did the edit and a couple of the Dublin b-roll shots.


Beach – Arabia


This is top three weirdest things I’ve ever filmed. Insane video but absolutely amazing concept and execution by Ross Ryder. I chipped in on subtle ideas, framing on the spot ideas but this is very much his baby.


Travis Oaks – Live 360 Music Video

Director – Producer – Editor

One of my favourite projects I’ve ever worked on. I had the concept for a while and had bought a 360 camera a few months before shooting this and after a bit of back and forwarding trying to explain it to bands Travis Oaks got on board. I shot it with Tom Lee in Displace Studios (Sound was: Darren Roe, Jonny McNamee & Christopher Barker). We recorded and mixed the sound in spacial 360 with the idea that when you had headphones or surround sound and moved the screen the sound would get louder on whoever you were looking at, giving you the feel of standing in the room with Travis Oaks, but YouTube sound wasn’t quite there when we released it as 360 is still in it’s infancy but its such a cool video.





Featuring X – The Boat

– Director, Camera, Editor –

This was my second music video way back in 2013. I’m still really proud of this. We actually shot this in Katie’s (NuMu) living room while she was in work, With a pair of black curtains and black bags taped to the wall, a load of house lamps pointed at the girls and taped up the windows to try black out the room and spent an afternoon shooting.